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Tuesday, November 8th

A Prediction Model for Environmentally Responsible Apparel Purchases: The Moderating Effects of Risk Aversion

Jiyun Kang, Texas State University

A Service Learning Collaborative to Build a Sustainable Enterprise for Underprivileged Women (SEuW)

Andre West, North Carolina State University
Cynthia Istook, North Carolina State University
Anne Porterfield, North Carolina State University
Tushar Ghosh, North Carolina State University

Can Apps Encourage Engaged Learning in a Sustainability Course?

Melissa Abner, Iowa State University
Fatma Baytar, Iowa State University

Challenges and Benefits of Made in the USA Manufacturing: A Study of Small Business Owners

Elisabeth Reed, Illinois State University
Hae Jin Gam, Illinois State University
Jennifer Banning, Illiniois State University

Development of a Model for Repurposing: A Case Study of TRAID

Erin Irick, University of Wyoming

Exploration on Suppliers' Perceptions towards the Multinational Enterprises' Codes of Conduct: Behind the Scenes at Indian Apparel Export Houses

Geetika Jaiswal, University of Missouri-Columbia, MO
Jung Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri-Columbia, MO

Exploring Sustainability Attributes of Perception among Different Consumer Groups for Green Sportswear

Changhyun Nam, Iowa State University
Huanjiao Dong, Iowa State University
Young-A Lee, Iowa State University

Factors Influencing Pro-Environmental Behavior in Craft Businesses

Jennifer Vanderploeg, Central Michigan University
Seung-Eun Lee, Central Michigan University

Fashion and Sustainability: Increasing Knowledge About Slow Fashion Through an Educational Module

Rachel Preuit, Colorado State University
Ruoh-Nan (Terry) Yan, Colorado State University

Identifying Sustainable Style Consumers with Decision Tree Predictive Model

Theresa Hyunjin Kwon, University of Tennessee
Erin Cho, Parsons, The New School for Design
Youn-Kyung Kim, University of Tennessee

Male Consumers' Motivation and Intent to acquire Eco-friendly Apparel in the South African Emerging Market Context

Hanri Taljaard, University of Pretoria
Nadine Cynthia Sonnenberg, University of Pretoria
Bertha Jacobs, University of Pretoria

Perfect or Imperfect Duties? Consumer Perspectives Toward Corporate Sustainability

Sojin Jung, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Jung Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri, USA

Redesigning Fashion: An Analysis and Categorization of Women's Clothing Redesign Behavior

Kristy Janigo, University of Minnesota
Marilyn Revell DeLong, University of Minnesota
Juanjuan Wu, University of Minnesota

Retailer Involvement in Sustainability and Demand for Sustainable Apparel and Textiles from South Africa

Marsha A. Dickson, University of Delaware
Megan Blissick, University of Delaware
Jillian Silverman, University of Delaware
Huantian Cao, University of Delaware

Sustainable Fashion Consumption and Happiness: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective

Eundeok Kim, Florida State University
Srikant Manchiraju, Florida State University
Ross May, Florida State University
Frank Fincham, Florida State University

The Contribution of CSR Information Substantiality Portrayed in Social Media to Corporate-Consumer Relationships: The Hierarchy of Effects Model Approach

Desiree Hazel, Texas State University
Jiyun Kang, Texas State University

The long-term Impact of a Sustainability-focused Short-term Study Abroad Program

Lynn M. Boorady, State University of New York College at Buffalo
Nicholas Hall, Manchester Metropolitan University
Jane Ledbury, Manchester Metropolitan University
Grant Emerson, RMIT

The Motivations to Adopt Eco-fashion Products: were Chinese Consumers Underestimated?

Ruirui Zhang, Framingham State University
Chunmin Lang, Louisiana State University
Baolu Wang, Beijing Institute Fashion and Technology

The Perception of Odor in Textiles: An Exploratory Study

Jennifer Kowton, University of Alberta
Rachel McQueen, University of Alberta

Trash or Treasure! Opportunities and Challenges for Artisan Enterprise from Recycled Waste

Jana M. Hawley, University of Arizona
Mary A. Littrell, Colorado State University-Emeritus

Wednesday, November 9th

Consumer Attitudes towards LGBT Homeless Youth Cause Related Marketing Campaign: Application of Self Schema Theory

Sonali Diddi, Colorado State University
Cammie Hensley, Colorado State University
Karen Hyllegard, Colorado State University

Crafting Socially Responsible Corporations: Exploring Etsy and the Concept of the B-Corp

Tiffany Machado Blanchflower, East Carolina University
Nancy Hodges PhD, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Do Apparel Students Displaying Fashion Innovativeness and Fashion Mavenism Traits Engage in Environmentally Responsible Apparel Consumption Behavior?

Amrut Sadachar, Auburn University
Virginia Rolling, Auburn University

Drivers of Global Buyer Sourcing of Sustainable Apparel from a South African Supply Chain

Marsha A. Dickson, University of Delaware

Exploring the Impact of a Documentary Film on Young Consumers' Understanding of Sustainable Apparel Consumption and Behavioral Changes

Jongeun Rhee, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Male Consumers' Socially Responsible Consumption by Product Category and Involvement

Yoon Jin Ma Dr., Illinois State University
Minsun Lee Dr., Dongduk Womens University

Old Value: Millennials' Knowledge of Mending Skills and its Effect on their Clothing Consumption

Samantha Meacham, University of Georgia
Laura McAndrews, University of Georgia

Older Women's Personal Values and Consumption of Fair Trade Apparel and Home Goods

Yoon Jin Ma, Illinois State University
Minsun Lee, Dongduk Womens University

Perceived Risks and Enjoyment: Identifying Barriers and Motivations to Clothing Renting

Chunmin Lang, Louisiana State University
Md Abdullahil Kafi, Louisiana State University

Sustainability Assessment of Factories in an Apparel Supply Chain in South Africa

Huantian Cao, University of Delaware
Xingqiu Lou, University of Delaware
Leslie Siron, University of Delaware
Marsha A. Dickson, University of Delaware

Sustainability Education in Textile and Apparel: A Web-Based Content Analysis

Eunah Yoh, Keimyung University
Hye-Shin Kim, University of Delaware

Sustainable Consumption: A Scale Development and Validation

Srikant Manchiraju, Florida State University
Ross May, Florida State University
Eundeok Kim, Florida State University
Frank Fincham, Florida State University

The Correlates between Positive Emotions/Attributes and Sustainable Fashion Consumption Behaviors

Eundeok Kim, Florida State Unievrsity
Srikant Manchiraju, Florida State University
Ross May, Florida State University
Frank Fincham, Florida State University

The Role of Clothing Involvement in Evaluating Fair Trade Advertisements

Songyee Hur, University of Tennessee
Youn-Kyung Kim, University of Tennessee

Utilizing Physiological Measures for Understanding Sustainable Consumers' Emotional Responses

Hae Jin Gam, Illinois State University
Seung Bong Ko, Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Su Kyoung An, Central Michigan University