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Tuesday, November 8th

A Longitudinal Body Scanning Research Study to Improve Apparel Grading: Methodological Implications

Laurel D. Romeo, Louisiana State University
Casey R. Stannard, Louisiana State University

Assessing Functional Needs of Outdoor Climbing Pants

Dawn Michaellson, Auburn University
Karla P. Teel, Auburn University
Veena Chattaraman, Auburn University
Helen Koo, University of California, Davis

Do You See What I See? Using Ethnographic Methods to Inform Functional Design

Sandra Tullio-Pow, Ryerson University
Megan Strickfaden, University of Alberta

Fit Analyses of Bicycle Clothing in Active Body Poses

Arzu Vuruskan, Izmir University of Economics
Susan P. Ashdown, Cornell University

Half Scale, Full Engagement: Uniting Art, History and Technology to Teach Patternmaking

Susan P. Ashdown, Cornell University, USA
Kimberly A. Phoenix, Cornell University, USA

Sizing System Development and Testing for a Protective Coverall Design

Linsey A. Griffin, University of Minnesota
Theresa Lastovich, Iowa State University
Elizabeth Bye, University of Minnesota
Karen LaBat, University of Minnesota

The Simulated Fit Session: Experiential Learning for Future Technical Designers

Tameka Nicole Ellington, Kent State University

Wee Bonnie Garden: Design Strategies for a Multi-Generational Christening Gown

April Elisha Stanley, Iowa State University
Ellen McKinney, Iowa State University

Wednesday, November 9th

Conceptual Design of a Winter Jacket for Victims of Stroke

Jennise Strifler, Central Michigan University
Jason Gagnon, Central Michigan University
Su Kyoung An, Central Michigan University

Cutting and Etching Our Way into the Future: Implementing Laser Cutting into an Apparel Design Curriculum

Whitney M. Rorah, Iowa State University
Eulanda A. Sanders, Iowa State University

Development of Wearable Technology for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Helen Koo, University of California, Davis
Susan Rivera, University of California, Davis
Kim Gaul, University of California, Davis
Tingrui Pan, University of California, Davis

Further Steps Towards Outdoor Clothing for People with Disabilities to Enjoy Sports

Megan Strickfaden PhD, University of Alberta
Xiaokun Yu PhD, Donghua University
Sandra Tullio-Pow, Ryerson University

Non-conventional Patternmaking and Draping Methods: An Added Value for Apparel Design

Katherine Rodriguez Hernandez, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Sandra Starkey, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln