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Wednesday, November 9th

A Study of Companies' Business Responses to Apparel E-commerce's Environmental Impact

Rose Francoise Bertram, Washington State University
Ting Chi, Washington State University

An Analysis of Visibility Aids for Biomotion Through 3D Eye-tracking Systems

Timothy Stapleton, University of California, Davis
Helen Koo, University of California, Davis

Determining Effective Approaches to Promoting Consumption of Slow Fashion Apparel: The Impact of Message Framing and Message Content on Consumer Responses to Advertisements

Daniele Croteau, Colorado State University
Ruoh-Nan (Terry) Yan
Karen Hyllegard

Otherkin and Therian in the Virtual Space: Communicating Identities of the Private and Public Self

Nika Rae Gagliardi, San Francisco State University

Recipe for Success for Fashion Small Businesses in College Town: Fresh Urbanism with a Heaping Side of Country Hospitality

Sarah Thompson, University of Missouri
Sarah Song Southworth, University of Missouri

Young Adults' Ethical Reasoning Concerning Fast Fashion Retailers

Hau-Yan Lam, University of Minnesota
Jennifer Yurchisin, University of Minnesota
Sasikarn Cook, University of North Carolina Greensboro