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2017 ITAA Annual Conference Proceedings: Design Presentations
2017 ITAA Annual Conference Proceedings: Oral Presentations
2017 ITAA Annual Conference Proceedings: Posters
Special Sessions and Workshops
Aesthetics/Design/Product Development (ADP)
Including the creative process, factors of design, body scanning, product development for target markets, specification development, etc.
Consumer Behavior (CB)
Including phenomena related to how consumers behave in the marketplace, shopping behavior, fashion movement, merchandise quality, consumption patterns and consumer practices.
Culture (CUL)
Including cross-cultural comparisons, critical theory, ethnic studies, feminist theory, ethnographic studies, anthropological approach.
Fashion Studies (FS)
Including theory of fashion, critical analysis of fashion through interdisciplinary thought, fashion as object, practice, etc.
Historic (HIS)
Including artifact analysis, historic trends, archaeological studies, cross-cultural comparisons, etc.
International (INT)
Including trade analysis, economic theory, sourcing, global supply-chain, etc.
Merchandising/Markting/Retail, I. Management (MMGT)
Including issues related to satisfaction, stores, the retail process, etc.
Merchandising/Markting/Retail, II. Visual and Promotion (MVP)
Including issues related to E-commerce, advertising, branding, retail atmospherics, etc.
Professional Development and General (PDG)
Including future trends for the profession, curriculum issues, industry or inter-disciplinary linkages, professional development, etc.
Pedagogy (PED)
The art and science of teaching including critical pedagogy, curriculum development, systematic analysis of teaching, etc.
Popular Culture (POP)
Includes critical analysis of popular culture as it relates to the area of apparel/textiles including communication, ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images, media, etc.
Social/Psychological Aspects (SPA)
Including appearance management, identity, group behavior, popular culture, body image, acculturation, gender and dress, etc.
Sustainability/Social Responsibility (SSR)
Including issues focusing on environmental and social impact across all tracks.
Textile and Apparel Industries (TAI)
Including sizing, manufacturing, socially responsible practices, production technology, etc.
Textile/Apparel Science (TAS)
Including fiber science, functional dress, etc.
Technical Design (TD)
Including design research from diverse positions, recognizing that design includes apparel, costume, textiles, accessories, functional and technical design, apparel product development, and fashion illustration, etc.
Undergraduate Research (UG)