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Sunday, January 1st

Achieving success in historic research: The importance of research methods and theory

Arlesa Shephard, SUNY-Buffalo State
Denise Nicole Green, Cornell University
Michael Mamp, Central Michigan University
Sara Marcketti, Iowa State University
Elaine L. Pedersen, Oregon State University

Future Practices and Technologies in Anthropometrics and Body Scanning

Linsey A. Griffin, University of Minnesota
Susan Sokolowski, University of Oregon
Kristen D. Morris, University of Missouri
Karen LaBat, University of Minnesota
Susan P. Ashdown, Cornell University

Inequalities around fashioned bodies, style, and beauty: A seminar examining social injustices related to the apparel industry, discipline, and/or personal aesthetics

Kelly L. Reddy-Best, Iowa State University
Tameka N. Ellington, Kent State Universtiy
Eulanda A. Sanders, Iowa State University
Arienne McCracken, Iowa State University
Mary Lynn Damhorst, Iowa State University

Inter-generational Mentorship Workshop

Jung Eun Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri
Nancy Rudd, Ohio State University
Kristen Morris, University of Missouri
Tameka Ellington, Kent State University
Lynn Boorady, SUNY-Buffalo State

International Research Collaborations in Textiles & Apparel: Reflections & Best Practices

Amanda Muhammad, Indiana State University
Lombuso S. Khoza, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Caroline Kobia, Mississippi State University
Jaeil Lee, Seattle Pacific University

Style Studies: Fashioning a Blogger in a Collaborative Design Challenge

Kendra Lapolla, Kent State University
Chanjuan Chen, Kent State University

Teaching Critical Color Concepts through an Online Learning Module

Traci A.M. Lamar, North Carolina State University

The Future of Luxury

Jana Marie Hawley, University of Arizona
Nancy Cassill, University of North Carolina
Kristie McGowan, University of North Carolina

The Next Step: Priorities and Structure of an ITAA Graduate Education Alliance

Ann Marie Fiore, Iowa State University
Marilyn DeLong, University of Minnesota

The Power of Impact Statements: What, Why, Who and How

Jana Marie Hawley, University of Arizona