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Sunday, January 1st

A Case Study of a Nineteenth-Century Southern Planter Family's Female Members' Participation in Consumer Culture through Decorative Textiles and Personal Dress Items

L. Danielle Reaves, Louisiana State University
Jenna T. Kuttruff, Louisiana State University

A Ritual Whisper': The Memphis Group's Cultural Revolution

Lorynn Divita, Baylor University

Artifact Analysis: A Petticoat Quilt's Pedigree

Molly J. McPherson, University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Claire Nicholas, University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Dior to disco: Second wave feminism and fashion

Jean McElvain, University of Minnesota
Monica Sklar, University of Georgia
Madeline Harpham, University of Georgia

Exploring Methods to Make 3-D Images of Historic Clothing Using Photogrammetry

Diana Saiki, Ball State University
Ty Stratton, Ball State University
Valerie Birk, Ball State University
Morgan Sanchez, Ball State University

"I should probably know more": Reasons for and roadblocks to the use of historic collections

Jennifer F. Gordon, Iowa State University
Sara B. Marcketti, Iowa State University

"I'm a Stand-up Comic in a Dress:" Charles Pierce

Michael Mamp, Central Michigan University

Lingerie and Sexuality: Cultural Influences on the 1920s Woman

Katie Elizabeth Francisco, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Claire Nicholas, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Motown Style and the American Dream

Monica Sklar, University of Georgia
Olonie Binns, University of Georgia

Northern Renaissance: Art and the Birth of Fashion, a collaborative progression from multidisciplinary through interdisciplinary to transdisciplinary

Catherine Amoroso Leslie, Kent State University
Diane G. Scillia, Kent State University

Second Chances for Paisley Shawls

Linda Welters, University of Rhode Island
Elizabeth Beasley, University of Rhode Island
Nicole Dee-Collins, University of Rhode Island
Sallie Gilcrease, University of Rhode Island
Catherine Lukens, University of Rhode Island

Survey of Historic Costume Course Redesign Using Bloom's Taxonomy

Arienne McCracken, Iowa State University
April Elisha Stanley, Iowa State University
Huanjiao Dong, Iowa State University
Sara Marcketti, Iowa State University

The Influence of Technological Improvement in the Development of Ready-to-Wear from 1850 to 1920s: The Implications for the Future of the Apparel Industry

Youngjoo Lee, Georgia Southern University

Western Fashion Styles Inspired by Japanese Kimono

Shu Hwa Lin, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Minako McCarthy, University of Hawai'i at Manoa