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Sunday, January 1st

3D Knitting Technology: A Decision-Making Model

Karis Foster, North Carolina State University
Cynthia Istook, NC State

A Team-based Experiential Learning in Supply Chain Sourcing: Purchasing and Negotiation Exercises

Soohyun Kim, The University of Arizona
Brandon Mikaitis, The University of Arizona

Application of GAPS Model to Improve Textile and Apparel Industry's Sustainable Practices

Amrut Sadachar, Auburn University
Sanaz Einollahi, Auburn University

Comparison of Body Measuring Techniques: Whole Body Scanner, Handheld Scanner, and Tape Measure

Sibei Xia, North Carolina State University
Siming Guo, North Carolina State University
Jiayin Li, North Carolina State University
Cynthia Istook, North Carolina State University

Connecting the Dots: Incorporating Mass Customization into the Classroom Experience

Cynthia Istook, North Carolina State University
Siming Guo, North Carolina State University

Differences in Innovation Approaches between the Product Developers of Wearable Technology and Fashion Industries

Deepika Raj, University of Missouri-Columbia
Jung Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri-Columbia

Do green marketing programs pay off? An empirical study of Chinese textile and apparel Companies

Ting Chi, Washington State University
Yao Sun, Market Intelligence and Investment Consulting Group

Does Consumer Innovativeness Matter? An Examination of Multi-Dimensional Consumer Innovativeness Motivation on Intention to Adopt 3D Printed Fashion Products

Jewon Lyu, Kent State University
Amrut Sadachar, Auburn University
Kim Hahn, Kent State University

Energy Consumption Model for Apparel Sewing Process: An Approach to Environmental Sustainability

Md. Imranul Islam, Framingham State University
Sarif Ullah Patwary, Kansas State University
Melody L. A. LeHew, Kansas State University

Evaluating Sustainable Practices of Bangladeshi Apparel and Textile Industry: Triple Bottom Line Approach

Md. Abdullahil Kafi, Louisiana State University
Laurel D. Romeo, Louisiana State University

Evaluation of open-source software for use with a clothing virtual try-on system

Godfree Gert, North Carolina State University
Nicole Villarreal, North Carolina State University
Liwen Gu, North Carolina State University

Key Factors Affecting Entrepreneurial Intention: An Exploratory Study among Fashion Students

Li Zhao, Indiana University
Lizhau Davis, California State University

Mass Customization: Perceptions of Related Technologies and Resulting Product

Siming Guo, North Carolina State University
Cynthia Istook, North Carolina State University

Measuring Women Empowerment in the Indian Apparel Industry

Debanjan Das, West Virginia University
Jung Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri

Minnesota Sewn Product Manufacturers: Opportunities and Challenges

Elizabeth Bye, University of Minnesota
Kira Erickson, University of Minnesota

Single Brand with Multiple Country Images: The Effects of M&A and Offshoring on Apparel Brand Credibility and Prestige across Brand Tiers

Hongjoo Woo, Auburn University
Byoungho Jin, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The Future of Making for Designers, Makers, and Users: A Conversation Between Industry and Academia

Lushan Sun, Auburn University
Li Zhao, Indiana University

The Role of the Creative Director in Sustaining the Luxury Fashion Brand

Alyson VanderPloeg, Central Michigan University
Seung-Eun Lee, Central Michigan University

(Un)Breach of Psychological Contract: New Research Agendas in Corporate Sustainability

Saheli Goswami, University of Missouri
Jung Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri

What Will Happen to the U.S. Textile and Apparel Industry if NAFTA Is Gone?

Sheng Lu, University of Delaware

What Works for Small Apparel Manufacturing: Issues Affecting Reshoring

Carol Engel-Enright, Colorado State University
Nancy J. Miller, Colorado State University
Jennifer Worrell, Colorado State University