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Sunday, January 1st

College Students' Perceptions toward the Moral Responsibility of Corporate Sustainability

Yilin Zhao, University of Missouri Columbia
Jung Eun Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri Columbia

Colorfastness of Naturally-Dyed Fabrics Using Contact Dyeing Method

Lauren Barker, Illinois State University
Paulina Wietocha, Illinois State University
Evelyn Ekstrom, Illinois State University
Ashya Winters, Illinois State University
Ui-Jeen Yu, Illinois State University

Comparative Analysis of US and International Apparel Labor Regulations: An Exploratory Study

Elena Clark, Kent State University
Gargi Bhaduri, Kent State University

Effect of fashion industry media on consumers attitudes and values for social responsibility.

Dara McCluskey, Mississippi State University
Charles Freeman, Mississippi State University

Eternal Perspective: Synthesis of Faith and Digital Printing in Creative Apparel Design

Augusta Overy, Central Michigan University
Ling Zhang, Central Michigan University

Exploring the Abilities of 3D Printing and its Viability for Consumption in the Fashion Industry

Laura C. Corral, University of Arkansas
Kaitlyn J. Walker, University of Arkansas
Stephanie K. Hubert, University of Arkansas
Kathleen R. Smith, University of Arkansas
Lance M. Cheramie, University of Arkansas

Globally-Sourced or American-Made Apparel: Post-election Consumers' Preferences

Katie Oorlog, Auburn University
Amrut Sadachar, Auburn University

Impact of clothing consumption values and lifestyle on smartwatch acceptance

Mingwan Jeon, Seoul National University
Yonghyuk Kim, Seoul National University
Jinseob Kim, Seoul National University
Yeo Jin Jung, Seoul National University
Yuri Lee, The Research Institute of Human Ecology, Seoul National University

Luxury for the masses: Why we can't all have it all

Kelly Allen, Texas Christian University
Patricia T. Warrington, Texas Christian University

Millennial Purchase Intentions for USA Made Apparel

Jessica Padilla, California State Polytechnic University- Pomona
Rialyn Espinosa, California State Polytechnic University- Pomona
Sara Biernesser-Kuhn, California State Polytechnic University- Pomona
Bryan Clark, California State Polytechnic University- Pomona
Chitra Srivastava Dabas, California State Polytechnic University- Pomona

Pre-purchase satisfaction of work shirts worn by women in agriculture.

Emily Owens, Mississippi State University
Catherine Black, Mississippi State University
Charles Freeman, Mississippi State University

Social Media Celebrity Endorsements Effect on Generation Z's Purchase Intentions

Brianna T. Ellison, Texas Tech University
Bobbi C. Padgett, Texas Tech University
Deborah Clay Fowler, Texas Tech University

The Relationship between Role Theory and Feminism in Vogue Advertisements from 1960-1990

Jess Conroy, Ohio University
V. Ann Paulins, Ohio University