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Monday, January 1st

Apparel Consumption and Experiences of Gay Men and Transgender Women in India

Vishakha Chauhan, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Kelly Reddy Best, Iowa State University
Mahim Sagar, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Arbuda Sharma, XLRI Jamshedpur
Karan Lamba, Indian Institute of Technology

Black fashion designers matter: A qualitative study exploring the experiences of Black female fashion design entrepreneurs

Samii Kennedy Benson, Southern University and A & M College
Eulanda A. Sanders, Iowa State University

Coloring the Community through Tattooed Identities

Sarah Frankel, University of Tennessee
Michelle L. Childs, University of Tennessee
Youn-Kyung Kim, University of Tennessee

Conceptualizing Chinese-Style Clothing: Empirical Evidence from Top Chinese Ethnic Apparel Brands

Xiaohui Sui, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Chuanlan Liu, Louisiana State University

Costume Evolution During the Development of Romantic Relationships and its Impact on the Positions of Power in the Star Wars Prequel and Original Trilogies

Mary King, Florida State University
Jessica L. Ridgway, Florida State University

Dress, Gender, and Identity: An Inclusion of Many

Alyssa Adomaitis, The New York City College of Technology, CUNY
Eleazer Espinosa, The New York City College of Technology, CUNY
Diana Saiki, Ball State University

Effect of Social Capital on Attitude toward Fitness Apparel in Online Shopping

Changhyun Nam, Iowa State University
Jihyeong Son, Washington State University
Jeagu Yu, Chung-Ang University

Empowering Indigenous Mexican Groups Through Fostering the Practice of Traditional Textile Crafts

hoshiakari endo portillo, Ryerson University
henry navarro, Ryerson University

Fashion Design and Material Analysis: Issey Miyake's 132 5 Collection

Krissi Riewe

“I Knew the Mechanics of Hip”: Fashioning Bodies in the Works of Joni Mitchell, 1968 - 1979

Denise Nicole Green, Cornell University
Susan B. Kaiser, University of California, Davis
Kyra Streck, Cornell University
Kelsie Nicole Doty, Cornell University

I promise this is my favorite brand! A digital ethnography of the person-as-brand as expressed in sponsored, affiliate, and non-sponsored beauty videos on YouTube

Hannah Upole, Tennessee Technological University
Katie Baker-Jones, West Virginia University

Korean Fashion Media, Beauty Ideals, and Colorism: Examining the Prominence of Whiteness Between 2013 and 2017 in Ceci Magazine

Kelly Reddy Best, Iowa State University
Eunji Choi

Latino Retail Entrepreneurs’ Contributions to Community and Economic Development in Iowa: A Community Leader Perspective

Hui Siang Tan
Linda Niehm, Iowa State University

Motivations for Consumption of Collaboratively Customized Ethnic Dress an Exploration of African Immigrant Woman in the US

Jane Opiri, Louisiana State University
Casey R. Stannard, Louisiana State University

Queer Histories of Style in the Midwest from the 1970s to the Present: Entangled Epistemologies of Images, Memories, and Artifacts

Kelly Reddy Best, Iowa State University
Dana Goodin, Iowa State University

Same Time, Next Year: Evolution of the Pussyhat’s Symbolism

V. Ann Paulins, Ohio University
Julie L. Hillery, Ohio State University - Main Campus
Alexandra L. Howell, Meredith College
Nancy L. Malcom, Georgia Southern University
Addie Martindale, Georgia Southern University

“Slip into your nicest lightweight summer sleuthing outfit and find that poodlenapper”: Queering 1950s style in Mabel Maney’s lesbian mystery novels, starring Cherry Aimless, Nancy Clue, and the Hardly Boys.

Gwendolyn Michel

The Fashion System & Material Analysis: Issey Miyake's 132 5 Collection

Krissi Riewe

The fashionable New Yorker: Style, criticism, and the dressed body in print

Katie Baker Jones, West Virginia University

The Moderating Role of Identity Expressiveness in Building Global Brand Equity

Eunjoo Cho, University of Arkansas

Traditional and Contemporary Female Beauty Ideals in China: Focus Group Interviews with Young Chinese Women

Jaehee Jung, University of Delaware

Usage of Twitter in a Global Context: A Qualitative Analysis

Sanjukta Pookulangara
Demetria White, University of North Texas