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Monday, January 1st

2D Pattern Development of Cycle wear from 3D Human Body Scan Data


A comparative analysis on properties of retroreflective materials for road traffic warning clothing

Soonja Park, Inha University
Changwoo Choi, Inha University

A comparison of domestic and self -nail tip sizes

Haeun Kim, Chonnam National University
Namsoon Kim, Chonnam National University
Wolhee Do, Chonnam National University

A Study on Apparel Design for Chiropractic Training

Yeon Ah Jang
Kyung Hee Hong
Yoon Mi Choi
Hanna Kim

A study on the comparison between two approached on fashion trend analysis

hyosun an, Ewha Womans University
minjung park, Ewha Womans University

A Study on the Cultural Role of Walking Court Ladies’ Hat in Queen Jeongsun’s Wedding Parade Illustration of Oegyujanggak Uigwe

Jeong Choi, Wonkwang University

A Study on the Development Status and Type Classification of Global Smart Healthcare Wearable Device

Kayoung Shin, Chonnam National University
Jeongeun Lee, Chonnam National University
Wolhee Do, Chonnam National University

Acceptance of VR Shopping: Examining the Role of Technological Characteristics and Consumer Fashion Involvement

Hee Jin Hur, Seoul National University
Ju Yeun Jang, Seoul National University
Ho Jung Choo, Seoul National University

An Analysis on Size Suitability of Protective Masks

Jin Choi, Chonnam National University
Sun Mi Sin, Chonnam National University
Wol Hee Do, Chonnam National University

Analysis of Tall Sized Women’s Figures Based on Sizeusa Data: An Assessment of Tall Sizing Systems Used in the U.S. Apparel Industry

Youngsook Kim, Kyung Hee University
Hwa Kyung Song, Kyung Hee University

Body Image: Development of a Course

Sharron J. Lennon, Indiana University - Bloomington

Clothing Pressure Measurement and Subjective Wear Test of Commercial Bra Tops for The Development of Active Senior’s Yoga Wear

soyoung park, Chungnam National University
yejin lee, Chungnam National University
kyunghi hong, Chungnam National University
namyim kim, Chungnam National University

Connection Structure Analysis of the “Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles” through Citing and Cited

Hyun-Jung Lee, Hanyang University
Kyu-Hye Lee, Hanyang University

Consumer Orientations of Second-Hand Shoppers by Store Type: A Profile Analysis

Mostafa Zaman, University of Tennessee
Youn-Kyung Kim
Soo-Hee Park, Tennessee Department of Education

Continuity of retail therapy of fashion product shopping - A daily diary analysis -

Ga Young AHN, Seoul National University
Yea Jin Song, Seoul National University
Songmee Kim, Seoul National University
Yuri Lee, Seoul National University

Designing a business model for sustainable consumption: Toward the managing consumption habit

Seong Eun Kim, Hanyang University
Yujin Oh, Hanyang University
Kyu-Hye Lee, Hanyang University
Jihyun Bae, Hanyang University

Development for Ties Product with Ocean Images: Collaboration Project with Mokpo Marine Culture Tourism

Kyoung-Hee Cho, Mokpo National University

Ecofriendly and Colorful Superhydrophobic Fabric Fabricated by Disperse Dyeing Process

Ji-Hyun Oh Ph.D. candidate, Seoul National University
Chung Hee Park Prof., Seoul National University

Effect of Natural Dyeing Using Flos Sophora Japonica L. on the UV Protection of Cotton Fabric

Lkhagva Narantuya, Incheon National University
Cheunsoon Ahn, Incheon National University

Exploration of Students’ Design Process with Browzwear V-Stitcher, 3D CAD program

Seoha Min, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Melanie Carrico, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Female Millennials Wearing Workout Wear as Daily Wear in the U.S.

Sooah Choi, Dankook University
Kim Hahn, Kent State University

Good or Better; The Effect of Comparative Mindset with Recommended Products on Product Evaluation and Purchase Decision

Do Yuon Kim, University of Minnesota
Hyunjoo Im, University of Minnesota

Green with Envy at Your Kid: The Effects of Two Different Types of Envy on Purchase Intention

Suhyoung Ahn, Yonsei University
Yeun Wook Shin, Yonsei University
Jeong Soon Lee, Yonsei University
Ae-Ran Koh, Yonsei University

Issues and Trends in Cross-border E-commerce in Korea

Hyun-Jin Seo, Hanyang University
Kyu-Hye Lee, Hanyang University

Mental Imagery in an In-store Apparel Shopping Context: Do Women and Men Differ?

Jung-Hwan Kim, University of South Carolina
Minjeong Kim, Indiana University, Bloomington
Jungmin Yoo, Duksung Women's University
Minjung Park, Ewha Womans University

Online Platforms as Consumer Service Channels: Retailer Responses, Audience Power, and Relationship Orientations

Ran Huang, Indiana University - Bloomington
Sejin Ha, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Re-interpretation of an Athleisure Young Casual Wear Line through an Industry-academia Cooperation Project

Sooah Choi, Dankook University

Simplicity Characteristics Analysis of 20th Century Women’s Clothing using S-Polygon

Nanghee Park, Chungnam National University
Yoonmi Choi, Chungnam National University

Success Story of Professional Laundry Service in Korea

Ji-Yeon Kim, Korea Research Institute for Fashion and Distribution Information
Kyu-Hye Lee, Hanyang University

Teaching English-medium Lectures in Korea: Recommendations for Foreign Faculty

Eva Babicheva, Hanyang University
Kyu-Hye Lee, Hanyang University

Technical and Scale Efficiency of Chinese Apparel Firms

Baolu Wang
Theodoros Skevas

The Circular Economy: Take-Back Systems for Textile Recycling

Ju Naan, Hanyang University
Kyu-Hye Lee, Hanyang University
Ji-Hyun Bae, Hanyang University

The Emergence of K-beauty: Rituals and Myths of Korean Skin Care Practice

Yoo Jin Kwon, Korea National Open University

The Impact of Brand-endorser Image Congruence on Chinese Consumers’ Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions toward Luxury Fashion Brands

Jiayu Qian, Incheon National University
Jee-Sun Park, Incheon National University

The Influence of Korean Instagram Users’ Cultural Disposition, Social Capital, and Instagram Usage Propensity on their Evaluation Attributes for Fashion Influencers

EunJung Shin, Yonsei University
SoYoung Lee, Yonsei University
SuYeon Kim, Yonsei University
Ae-Ran Koh, Yonsei University

Transitioning in Life: Early Retiree’s Apparel Shopping Values in Internet Era

Tun-Min Catherine Jai, Texas Tech University
Alexandra Kuehler, Texas Tech University
Jingxue Yuan, Texas Tech University

Using the Color Change Characteristics of a Polydiacetylene Embedded Polyurethane Nanoweb to Detect the Presence of Escherichia coli (E. coli).


Voice Shopping: User-Voice Assistant Parasocial Relationship Perspective

Claire Whang, California State Polytechnic University - Pomona
Hyunjoo Im, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities