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Monday, January 1st

A shift from traditional ownership to access-based consumption: Identifying Chinese consumers’ responses to fashion renting business

Ruirui Zhang, Framingham State University
Chunmin Lang, Louisiana State University

A sustainable fashion company's transition from home to mass production: An exploratory study

Sara Jablon-Roberts, Johnson & Wales University
Diane McCrohan, Johnson & Wales University

An Action Agenda for Supporting Opportunity-Driven Retailing Entrepreneurs: An Analysis of External Informal Environmental Factors – A Case Study Approach

Amanda Muhammad, Indiana State University

Assessing the Sustainability Measures of Apparel Industry

Mahendran Balasubramanian, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Lance Cheramie, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Buyers’ Power on Suppliers’ Motivation to Engage in Managing their Compliance Mechanisms: Case of Indian Apparel Export Firms

Geetika Jaiswal, University of Missouri
Jung Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri

Can Fear Stop Animal Cruelty in Fashion Industry? The Effect of Negative Arousal in a Nonprofit Organization’s Social Media Campaigns

Heejin Lim, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Moonhee Cho, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Sergio Bedford, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Clothing Rental at Tourist Designations: Investigating Individuals' Attitude towards a Novel Business Model

Md Abdullahil Kafi, Louisiana State University
Laurel D. Romeo, Louisiana State University

Conference giveaway items, useful or wasteful?

Kendra Lapolla, Kent State University
Chanjuan Chen, Kent State University
Kim Hahn, Kent State University - Kent Campus
Linda Ohrn-McDaniel, Kent State University

Consumers' knowledge gain of environmental sustainability issue pertaining to textile and apparel industry through social networking site engagement

Sarif Patwary, Kansas State University
Melody LeHew, Kansas State University

Developing a framework for sustainable apparel design: Upcycling knitwear

Chanmi Hwang
Jessie Roselyn

Differing Expectations for Corporate Moral Responsibility: A Product Category Analysis

Sojin Jung, Kyung Hee University
Stacy Hyun Nam Lee, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Jung Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri

Exploring sustainability and object attachment with Patagonia apparel: “I love my daughter, I love my son, I love my wife, I love the wilderness, and I love this hat”

Gwendolyn M. Michel, Iowa State University
Meegan Feori, Iowa State University
Mary Lynn Damhorst, Iowa State University
Young-A Lee, Auburn University
Linda Niehm, Iowa State University

From one outfit to more looks: Identifying the factors influencing consumers’ purchase intention of transformable apparel products

Chunmin Lang, Louisiana State University
Bingyue Wei, Iowa State University

How Do Fashion Leaders Respond to Trade-Offs between Eco-Friendliness and Hedonic/Utilitarian Attributes?

Jonghan Hyun, Kent State University
Jihyun Kim, Kent State University

Identifying Apparel Consumer Typologies with the Potential for Slow Fashion

RayeCarol Cavender, University of Kentucky
Min-Young Lee, University of Kentucky

Impact of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Labelling on U.S. Consumers' Purchase intentions toward Sustainable Denim Jeans

Katie Jo Engle, Washington State University
Audrey Nelson, Washington State University
Zihui Zhao, Washington State University
Ting Chi, Washington State University


Mijeong Noh, Ohio University
Carmen Keist, Bradley University

Key Factors Influencing Consumer Intent to Recycle Denim Apparel: A Study of U.S. Millennials

Jessica Ganak, Washington State University
Yini Chen, Washington State University
Dan Liang, Washington State University
Ting Chi, Washington State University

Outcomes of Implementing Zero-Waste Pattern Cutting in Fashion Design Courses

Hae Jin Gam, University of North Texas
Jennifer Banning, Illinois State University

Pastoral dreams and quirky goats: An analysis of selling strategies of fiber farmers on Etsy

Casey R. Stannard, Louisiana State University

Policies versus Practices: Transparency of supply chain disclosures among luxury and mass market fashion brands

Iva Jestratijevic, The Ohio State University
James Uanhoro, The Ohio State University
Dr. Nancy Ann Rudd, The Ohio State University

Relationship with the Unfamiliar: Extension of Social Exchange Theory as Applied to Unfamiliar Apparel Brands’ Pro-environmental Messages

Lauren Copeland
Gargi Bhaduri, Kent State University

Responsible Sourcing: A Perspective from Small Apparel Business Owners

Jin Su, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Anne Mitchell Wood, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Slow the Fashion: Teaching Handcraft Techniques in Fashion and Textile Design in Higher Education

Liwen Wang, Iowa State University
Ellen McKinney, Iowa State University
Huanjiao Dong, Iowa State University

Social Responsibility Initiative: A Multi-Class Project for Developing Reusable Food Bags

Carol J. Salusso, Washington State University
Hang Liu, Washington State University
Chanmi Hwang, Washington State Un

The development of a scale for measuring voluntary simplistic clothing consumption in the South African emerging market context

Hanri Taljaard, University of Pretoria
Nadine C. Sonnenberg, University of Pretoria
Tracey L. Reis, University of Pretoria

The Effects of Fashion Brands' Negative Publicity Recovery Strategies on Anti-Brand Behavioral Intentions According to Consumers' Proactive Personality

Hongjoo Woo, Auburn University
Sojin Jung, Kyung Hee University
Byoungho Ellie Jin, North Carolina State University

The risk or fun: Identifying the motivations and barriers to clothing swap for Chinese consumers

Chunmin Lang, Louisiana State University
Ruirui Zhang, Framingham State University

Truly sustainable or not? An assessment on China’s textile and apparel corporations’ sustainability performance from the moral responsibility perspective

Nannan Yang, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Jung Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri

Why U.S. Consumers Buy Sustainable Cotton Made Collegiate Apparel? A Study of the Key Determinants

Jenisha Gerard, Washington State University
Alison Dephillips, Washington State University
Mohan Li, Washington State University
Jing Sun, Washington State University
Ting Chi, Washington State University