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New Special Issue: Call for Papers

Engaging in the struggle: Health justice

Health is far more than what happens when you get sick. Health encompasses your physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. Your health impacts and is impacted by where you live, learn, work, and play. Health is personal, but it is also contextual. It is important to recognize that health disparities are embedded in our social institutions and power structures, and thus health inequities tend to mirror broader social inequities. Because of massive health disparities across the globe, mainly along lines of race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and social class, there have been many calls for health to be approached as a human right—health justice. Health injustice most severely impacts the most marginalized communities. How can we as a community of scholars, practitioners, and activists create and support the health and well-being of people and communities? How can we focus on improving health care practices and outcomes, relative to issues such as reproductive health, mental wellness, heart disease, and cancer? And, how can we focus on reforming a range of social policies that directly affect health, including fair housing, access to education, and environmental protections? How can we engage in the struggle for health justice?

The Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis invites submissions for a special issue on health justice. We invite scholars and activists from a range of disciplinary and professional positions to submit work (research articles, conceptual essays, book reviews, and poems) that illuminates health disparities in institutional practices and outcomes (e.g. crises in the health care system) and the relationship between social policies (e.g. housing and labor) and health justice. We also seek work that speaks to health justice advocacy and activism and to more generally strengthen the voices and involvement of those with the lived experience and drive to improve the health of the most vulnerable. As an interdisciplinary journal, we are as interested in submissions from scholars, professionals, and activists working across the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, from epidemiology to kinesiology to public health to sociology to philosophy to art.

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Submission Timeline

Deadline: Friday, March 2, 2018

Anticipated Publication: August 2018

Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1 (2018) Who Belongs? Immigrants, Refugees, Migrants and Actions Towards Justice



#LetThemStay: Visual representations of protests and community mobilization for asylum seekers in Australia
Shirley Hall, Caroline Lenette, Samantha Murray, Connie Chan, Ashley Flannery, and Kate Vickery

Book Review



Personae non gratae
Laura Bisaillon



Interview With Dr. Ginetta Candelario
Ginetta Candelario, Paul Hengesteg, and Alade S. McKen


Who Belongs? Immigrants, Refugees, Migrants, and Actions Towards Justice: A Conversation With Tim Wise
Tim Jacob Wise, Tyanez C. Jones, Isaiah McGee, and Michael D. DuPont


Conversation with Susana Munoz
Susana M. Muñoz and Tyanez Jones

Volume 7, Issue 1 Editors

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Tyanez Jones
Paul Hegesteg
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Jessica Adams
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Garrett Gowen
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Anupma Singh
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Sumac Elisa Cardenas
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