About This Journal

The Journal of Critical Thought at Praxis (JCTP) began as an idea generated at the 2011 Social Justice retreat. Graduate students from the Social Justice concentration wanted to have an outlet to disseminate and promote scholarship that centered critical and progressive scholarship, practice, and activism. From this retreat, a group of students called a meeting to begin conceptualizing how to make this idea into a reality.

Beginning in the fall of 2011, members of the founding editorial board held weekly meetings to brainstorm the creation of the journal now known as JCTP. Members developed a mission and vision for the journal, and built the infrastructure to develop a student-led journal. Founding members sought the guidance of Nana Osei-Kofi who is the Coordinator of the Social Justice Concentration and serves as an Advisory Board member. Support for JCTP, was also provided by Shannon Calderon who helped create the InterActions journal at UCLA and provided valuable insight and provided extensive support in the initial stages of the journal’s development. JCTP launched its first issue in October of 2012 highlighting the status of social justice and features the work of diverse scholars, practitioners, and activists.


The Journal of Critical Thought & Praxis is a peer-reviewed on-line journal committed to providing a space for critical and progressive scholarship, practice, and activism. Our mission is to create an accessible and inter/transdisciplinary journal that supports awareness and challenges individuals to move towards advocacy. The journal brings together emerging scholars, educators, and activists with the intention of providing recognition to the work of the social justice community. JCTP explores, challenges, and pushes the boundaries within the intersections of identity in a multicultural society, while providing all authors with developmental feedback.


Cameron Beatty (Higher Education- Social Justice)

Kathleen Gillon (Higher Education- Social Justice)

Susana Hernandez (Higher Education- Social Justice)

Aja Holmes (Higher Education- Social Justice)

Joyce Lui (Higher Education- Social Justice)

Jessica Soulis (Sustainable Agriculture)

Lisette Torres (Higher Education- Social Justice)

Past Senior Editors; Listed in Alphabetical Order with Department

Cameron Beatty (School of Education)

Michael DuPont (School of Education)

Maaz Gardezi (Environmental and Natural Resource Management/Sustainable Agriculture)

Tyanez Jones (School of Education)

Gabrielle Roesch-McNally (Sociology/Sustainable Agriculture)

Danica Schieber (English)

Lisette Torres-Gerald (School of Education)

Past Associate Editors; Listed in Alphabetical Order with Department

Lorraine Acker (School of Education)

Jessica Adams (School of Education)

Glenda Bivens (School of Education)

Rachael Blansett (School of Education)

Sumac Elisa Cardenas (Sociology/Sustainable Agriculture)

Carrie Chennault (Sociology/Sustainable Agriculture)

Hannah Dankbar (Community and Regional Planning/Sustainable Agriculture)

Hannah Dong (Apparel Design and Journalism)

Kathleen Gillon (School of Education)

Garrett Gowen (School of Education)

Susana Hernandez (School of Education)

Aja Holmes (School of Education)

Brandon Johnson (School of Education)

Ahna Kruzic (Sociology/Sustainable Agriculture)

Sonja Lindberg (Sociology)

Andres Lopez (Sociology)

Joyce Lui (School of Education)

Hilda Makori (School of Education)

Isaiah McGee (School of Education)

Alade McKen (School of Education)

Tami Moen (School of Education)

Juliana Nnoko-Mewanu (Sociology)

Shaohua Pei (School of Education)

Cristobal Salinas (School of Education)

John Seitz (History)

Anupma Singh (School of Education)

Jessica Soulis (Sociology/Sustainable Agriculture)

Lissa Stapleton (School of Education)

Maria VanDer Maaten (Sociology/Sustainable Agriculture)

Past Faculty Advisers

Dr. Nana Osei-Kofi (2011-2013)

Dr. Isaac Gottesman (2014-2018)