Volume 3, Issue 2 (2014) Association for the Study of Higher Education- Council Ethnic Participation Special Issue



Faculty of color teaching Critical Race Theory at a PWI: An autoethnography
Kimberly A. Truong, Daren Graves, and Adrienne J. Keene


Guest Editor
Dafina-Lazarus Stewart
Gabrielle Roesch-McNally
Managing Editor
Danica Schieber
Associate Editor, Outreach
Cristobal Salinas, Jr.
Associate Editors, Reviewer Liaisons
Maria Van Der Maaten
Jack Seitz
Associate Editor, Coordination
Juliana Nnoko-Mewanu
Associate Editors, Members at Large
Andy Lopez
Tami Moen
Faculty Advisor
Dr. Isaac Gottesman
Advisory Board
Dr. Abby M. Dubisar, Iowa State University
Dr. Susana Muñoz, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Dr. Nana Osei-Kofi, Iowa State University
Dr. Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher, Eastern Michigan University