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Visual literacy beyond frontiers information, culture and diversity : Selected Readings of the International Visual Literacy Association

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Design studio education separates design and visual representation as individual subjects requiring different educational objectives. Each subject employs distinct skills such as line and value for visual representation or form and experience for design. The potential of design decisions should be based upon integration creative ideas with observation and representation skills. This paper describes a drawing process conceived by the author which considers issues of drawing including i) the pictorial function of drawing, ii) the ability of drawing to illuminate ideas, and iii) the relationship between seeing and imagining when drawing. The goal is to consider the intrinsic relationship between design and its representation and the concurrent activities of observation, imagination and representation in the creative process.


This chapter is from Selected Readings of the International Visual Literacy Association, 2010; 169-174. ISBN: 13: 978-0-9816833-6-2. Posted with permission.

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