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Writing this introduction not only honors an extraordinary Hispanist but, more than anything else, a formidable professor whose work in education has reached beyond the classroom to the hallways of the department, to his home over a glass of brandy, to the local coffee shop, to long fruitful conversations in nearby Italian restaurants, to the opera, to the paddleball court or golf course, or in front of Masaccio’s frescos in Florence. Robert L. Fiore, mentor and friend, has remained the truest advisor and teacher to his students, consummate supporter to his colleagues, and loyal friend to those who know him outside academia. His wise and const ant counsel—the most precious gift he could have ever offered to his students—is exactly what he received from trust ed and faithful mentors early on in his career. Th is volume of essays by some of the most well known Hispanists today is not only proof of Bob’s impact on Golden Age studies, but also a small measure of appreciation by all who have had the good fortune to have known him, and been affect ed by him in some way. Th is introduction, surely too short and insignificant alongside Bob’s accomplishments, endeavors to put into words Bob’s lifelong contributions in and out of academia which are here remembered by those who respect and admire him.



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Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs




Latin American Literature | Reading and Language | Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature | Technical and Professional Writing


This book is published as Gasta,C.M., Dominguez.J., Literary Studies in Honor of Robert L. Fiore. 2009. Newark, Delaware. Juan de la Cuseta-Hispanic Monographs. Posted with permission.

Literary Studies in Honor of Robert L. Fiore