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The Cambridge History of Science Fiction, edited by Gerry Canavan and Eric Carl Link


Part III - After the New Wave


Chapter 41




Latin American science fiction (sf) has come into its own as a field of study in the last twenty years, but sf has been written in Latin America since the early days of the genre in the nineteenth century. The most extensive and consistent sf traditions in the region are those of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, and, increasingly, Chile, but sf has been produced in all Latin American countries. US-Mexican borderlands sf and the sf of Puerto Rico are also often discussed in conjunction with Latin American sf due to significant intersections and commonalities of language, geography, and socio-political realities. The chapter includes a discussion of sf in the context of canonical literature as well as of neighboring genres such as fantastic literature and magic realism. It also includes: characteristics and tendencies of Latin American sf; a history of Latin American sf from the long nineteenth century to the present; and a discussion of what the study of sf brings to our understanding of Latin America and what the study of Latin American sf brings to our understanding of science fiction as a genre.


This accepted book chapter is published as Ciencia Ficción / Ficção Científica from Latin America.” The Cambridge History of Science Fiction, edited by Gerry Canavan and Eric Carl Link, Cambridge UP, 2019, Part 3 Chapter 41;664-79. Doi: 10.1017/9781316694374. Posted with permission.

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