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Corn residues could be a good resource for winter cattle grazing. The study investigates whether winter grazing causes soil compaction and yield reduction in crops that are planted following grazing.

Key Question

How and under what conditions can corn crop residue grazing affect soil properties and crop production?


While grazing of corn crop residues when soils were not frozen did increase penetration resistance in the upper 4 inches, the effects of subsequent crop production were minimal in crops planted with no tillage and non-existent in crops planted with disking. These results imply that producers may take advantage of the economic savings associated with grazing corn crop residues with little concern for subsequent crop production, particularly if grazing is done while soils are frozen or crops are planted with disking.

Principal Investigator(s)

Darrell Busby


James R. Russell, Douglas Karlen, L. James Secor, Brian Peterson, Carroll Olson, Shawn Shouse, Dallas Maxwell

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