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Improved management of phosphorus (P) from both manure and fertilizer sources is important because of surface water quality concerns. This study considers possible P loss via leaching through the soil and examines the dynamics of the adsorption/extraction process.

Key Question

To what extent does the lateral movement of water to drain tubes through P-deficient subsoils result in P "extraction" from that water?


Despite the possibility of quick vertical movement of P in water percolating down to the water table from the soil surface, P concentrations in tile drainage are much lower than in the percolating water due to subsoil extraction. Based on the estimates of amounts of flow and soil P levels, it is predicted that the subsoil extraction process can be a beneficial factor for several decades, if not longer.

Principal Investigator(s)

James L. Baker


Antonio P. Mallarino, Stewart W. Melvin

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