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This business planning program offered guidance and advice to aspiring and existing specialty farm business people to create their own specialty farm business plan.

Key Question

How does the "Grow Your Small Market Farm Business Planning Program" help farmers?


This planning program assists small and midsize farmers who want to write a business plan for a specialty crop or livestock. The program provides assistance for one year as they write their business plan, and learn skills to support their business venture. Project leaders found that when one-on-one assistance is provided over a year, the ability of the small specialty farm business to succeed increases greatly. Not only does the support provide an important element to these types of businesses, but the fact that the business owner can practice and receive feedback is critical to good business decision making. In addition, the program has added a network component for participants, which allows for continued learning after the program is completed.

Principal Investigator(s)

Sherry Shafer


Penny Brown Huber

Year of Grant Completion