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The project documents the process of creating a geographically-based identity for grapes and wine production in eastern Iowa.

Key Question

Will the establishment of an American Viticulture Area (AVA) as part of a regional wine identity benefit someone interested in producing grapes for local wineries?


An AVA designation will put Iowa on the map as a distinct grape growing region and will enable producers to focus on some specific varieties of grapes that are adapted to the region and will produce high-quality wine. If 85 percent of the grapes used in the production of a varietal wine are produced within an approved AVA, the AVA name can be used as the Appellation of Origin on the wine label. Typically, wines that include an appellation of origin on the label bring $1 to $2 more per bottle at the winery. Wineries produce about 150 gallons of wine per ton of grapes. At five bottles of wine per gallon, the AVA designation would add $750 to $1500 of value per ton of grapes produced within the designated region. (150 gallons X 5 bottles = 750 bottles @ $1-$2 increase each)

Principal Investigator(s)

Jon E. Bell


Warren Johnson

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