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A survey of the community and surrounding region was conducted to determine the financial viability of a shared-use certified kitchen, which would be offered as one of the services of the Midwest Center for Entrepreneurial Agriculture.

Key Question

Would a community kitchen in the Marshalltown area be able to launch value-added businesses, and, if so, what kind of facility is needed and how should it be run?


Similar projects located elsewhere would require a careful assessment of their own circumstances. A more detailed survey could be used and a comprehensive database of potential users should be compiled, along with a list of necessary attributes for marketing a "for-rent" facility. Because the college campus location had already been selected for this project, this survey did not collect data on the site for a potential kitchen, but such a determination would be a critical part of the process for another community.

Principal Investigator(s)

Linda Barnes


Tom Diemerley, Norman McCoy

Year of Grant Completion