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Three years of experiments were conducted to help increase profit margins for apple growers, cope with new regulations on pesticide use, and deal with increased pesticide resistance by major apple pests and diseases.

Key Question

Can Iowa apple growers use disease-resistant varieties to sharply reduce pesticide use and cut production costs, and is hard cider production a viable option for Iowa apple growers?


Project field trials showed how Iowa apple growers can take advantage of disease-resistant varieties and mulching to cut back on pesticide use, reduce production costs, and minimize their environmental impact. The lab-scale hard cider results offered apple growers a head start in exploring this value-added production option.

Principal Investigator(s)

Mark Gleason


Donald Lewis, Matt Liebman, Paul Domoto, Gail Nonnecke, Mike Duffy, Lester Wilson, Cheryl Reitmeier

Year of Grant Completion