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Mulches can play a role in vineyard management. This project explored the optimum uses and practices for applying various mulches to grape agroecosystems.

Key Question

What are viable strategies for Iowa grape growers to successfully manage weeds and/or reduce pesticide usage while maintaining grape productivity and soil quality?


Knowledge of optimal ways for achieving weed management in Iowa vineyards will enable growers to sustainably manage this unique agroecosystem. Methods of weed control that jeopardize soil quality and grapevine productivity can be avoided. Sustainable weed management that includes living or soil mulches minimizes some of the environmental risks of pesticide usage and maintains soil quality and grape productivity. The long-term success of Iowa's grape and wine industry promotes increased diversification of Iowa's farming enterprises that strengthens the state's economy.

Principal Investigator(s)

Gail Nonnecke


Lisa Wasko DeVetter, Thomas Loynachan, Paul Domoto

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