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The investigators looked at one method for curbing invasive species that limit carbon sequestration potential for tallgrass prairie stands. They also learned that grasslands dominated by either warm-season, cool-season, or mixed stands are likely equal in their carbon sequestration potential.

Key Question

Do grasslands dominated by native grasses have higher carbon sequestration potential than those dominated by introduced forage grasses- namely tall fescue?


The project hypothesis was that native species with greater rooting depths offered more potential to sequester carbon than introduced species, and that the fire-grazing interaction would promote native species and increase overall carbon sequestration potential. Data developed in this study did not support these hypotheses, nor did it reject them. Complex soil processes and the short history of fire reintroduction to the study sites may have masked some of the benefits.

Principal Investigator(s)

Ryan Harr


David Engle, Devan McGranahan, Jessica Veenstra, Aaron Daigh,

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