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Mob grazing is a variation on rotational grazing that has been proposed to have promise as one of the tactics graziers can use to improve cattle performance and environmental quality. This project looked at whether and how mob grazing could benefit livestock and producer management of their pastures and soil resources.

Key Question

Are there advantages to season-long mob grazing in animal performance, pasture botanical and nutritional composition, and/or soil physical properties over other forms of rotational grazing?


Results of the project demonstrated that at least over a two-year period, there are no advantages of season-long mob grazing over rotational or strip grazing at an equal forage allowance in animal performance, legume establishment persistence, forage nutritional quality, or soil carbon content and water infiltration that would merit the added labor, fencing and water system costs.

Principal Investigator(s)

James Russell


Stephen K. Barnhart, Daniel G. Morrical, Harris J. Sellers

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