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The Farm Energy Working Group (FEWG) provides a one-stop shop for information and expertise on meeting on-farm energy needs. FEWG has increased communication among individuals and organizations interested in on-farm energy, including farmers, utility representatives, policy organizations, Extension Service, higher education institutions, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), farm organizations and renewable energy businesses.

Key Question

Can farmers on small to mid-sized operations continue to reduce on-farm energy use focusing on practical farm-scale initiatives without a full-fledged statewide farm energy service organization funded through the state or through utilities?


Yes. The Farm Energy Working Group’s demonstration grants, field days and webinars show what Iowa farmers and others are doing to increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy. Partnering with farm organizations helped inform at broader audience. The networking that occurs through FEWG does not happen anywhere else in the state.

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Carole Yates


Jeff Beneke

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