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This is a continuation of an earlier pilot project (E2010-01) where tile discharge was rerouted to allow subsurface flow through an established riparian buffer. This third year of observations allowed researchers to gather more data on nitrate removal using this system.

Key Question

The first two years of observing a saturated buffer showed that about half of the tile flow from a 10 ha field could be diverted through 1000 m of a riparian buffer with all nitrate in the diverted water removed before reaching the stream as shallow groundwater. Could this kind of removal be sustained for an additional year and, if so, would there be the same order of removal at a saturated buffer installed at a new site? Could geophysical methods (ground resistivity survey) be used to characterize the variability of soils within riparian buffers?


Saturated buffer performance was measured for a third year at the original site and a riparian buffer was installed and monitored at a second site. Ground resistivity surveys were conducted at both sites and compared to soil core data.

Principal Investigator(s)

Dan Jaynes


Tom Isenhart, Tim Parkin

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