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The Farm Metered Energy Analysis project was conducted to help farmers learn about their energy use patterns. The metered energy data was reported to the farmers in a variety of formats such as average monthly kWh usage by type of fuel, average cost of energy per kWh over time, etc.

Key Question

What are the “energy hogs” on Iowa farms? What steps will give the biggest “bang for the buck” in helping farmers reduce these energy hogs?


After collecting metered energy data for 14 farms, it became clear that walk-in coolers are responsible for a large portion of the electricity bill for many fruit and vegetable farms. Once this “energy hog” was identified, Practical Farmers of Iowa worked with farmers to make their existing coolers more energy efficient and build conservation into the construction of new walk-in coolers.

Principal Investigator(s)

Teresa Opheim

Year of Grant Completion