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The researchers studied how landowners and farmers are working to improve conservation and protect productivity, soil health and water quality while facing extreme weather. The project results yielded more future research questions than definitive answers as to how non-owner landlords and their tenants can work together to safeguard the land and its productivity.

Key Question

How can non-operator landowners (NOLs) and farmers better understand land tenure relationships and associated economic and environmental implications to ease the potential impacts of increased weather variability on Iowa farmland?


This project interviewed land owners, farmers, and land managers to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the relationships between landowner and farmer perceptions of climate change. Iowa farmland can become more resilient to extreme weather events when NOLs and farmers work together to address the sociological, legal, and policy challenges to better land management. Resilient practices can also play an important role not only in responding to climate change, but to mitigating the causes as well.

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Neil Hamilton


Matt Russell

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