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Investigators conducted experiments on the viability of new, quicker tests for the presence of E.Coli in water supplies. their preliminary data suggested that bacteriophages (viruses infecting bacteria) offer potential for detection of bacteria if the right medium can be found for testing.

Key Question

1) Can T4 phage be stabilized on paper? and 2) Can E. coli be detected with an assay stored on paper?


The first question was answered by applying and drying T4 phage on paper and exposing the phage to different potentially harmful conditions. The second question was answered by adding and drying an assay for malate dehydrogenase on paper followed by the addition of E. coli in liquid. Positive results for the first question were active phage after drying or exposure and to the second question was a color change in the presence of bacteria.

Principal Investigator(s)

Rebecca Cademartiri


Michelle Soupir

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