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Iowa’s expanding Latino population patronizes tiendas (groceries) that offer products specially chosen for their cultural and culinary needs. This project explored how Iowa’s increasing local food production potentially could become a part of the produce offerings at these specialty stores.

Key Question

What opportunities exist for Latino grocery stores (tiendas) to stock locally grown produce to enhance their current fruit and vegetable inventory?


Findings showed that some tiendas may offier a limited selection of locally grown produce on an ad hoc basis. However, tiendas do not have formalized buying agreements with local producers nor do they have marketing efforts promoting "locally grown" produce.

Principal Investigator(s)

Lisa Bates

Principal Investigator(s) Bio

Lisa Bates is an ISU Extension specialist in community and economic development and lecturer for the interior design department. She holds degrees in marketing, transportation and logistics and gerontology as well as an MFA in interior design, all from Iowa State University.


Jon Wolseth, Nora Ladjahasan

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