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Northeast Iowa Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) and the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) collaborated to engage producers in Northeast Iowa to maximize conservation and return of investment (ROI) on their farms. RC&D and ISA worked one-on-one with producers in the Turkey River Watershed to use innovative technology to analyze the acres in production on each farm. The analysis revealed productive versus unproductive acres. Using a program called Profit Zone Manager from AgSolver Inc (now EFC Systems), this project allowed producers to understand different characteristics of and components within each field, reconnecting them to the nuances of the soil and other subfield characteristics. In doing so, it helped them maximize their ROI while simultaneously increasing the conservation value of their farm.

Key Question

Can the use of precision technology help maximize conservation and return on investment for farms in the Turkey River Watershed?


In this project, each participating producer found the results from their AgSolver analysis to be valuable in some way even though each was looking at different management techniques to maximize their efficiency. It successfully demonstrated that technology can assist farm operators to maximize efficiency of their operations while simultaneously protecting land and water for future generations. It also demonstrated a need for technical assistance to help producers utilize the data their equipment is collecting automatically.

Principal Investigator(s)

Ross Evelsizer

Year of Grant Completion