How to Pursue the Right Growth Strategy in a Changing Market: The Case of Organic Valley. Completed Grant Report


This case study helps illuminate the role played by cooperatives in making small organic farms economically and ecologically viable entities. The case specifically focuses on a key managerial decision facing a U.S. cooperative: what kind of a growth strategy would be conducive for a sustainable enterprise such as Organic Valley? Would it be optimal to increase its cooperative membership base? Should it continue focusing on niche markets? How can it enhance its social and environmental impact and, at the same time, increase sales in a competitive market? The case brings to light sustainable business strategies, green entrepreneurship, and green marketing in the context of organic dairying.

Key Question

What role do cooperatives play in making small organic farms economically and ecologically viable entities?


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Principal Investigator(s)

Priyanka Jayashankara


Larry Tranel; Jennifer Bently: Leo Timms

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