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This project aims to add native vegetation to the agricultural landscape by establishing demonstration plantings of high quality prairie vegetation on farms and to be a source of information and expertise for a network of skilled practitioners. The ultimate result of the project is to enhance the ability of technical service providers, conservation professionals, landowners, and others who influence land use practices to design high quality seed mixes and plant them successfully.

Key Question

How can The Tallgrass Prairie Center increase the professional connections among prairie restoration specialist and the agricultural community, increase awareness among decision makers who plan conservation practices and increase knowledge to design high quality prairie seed mixes for prairie strips?


The leaders of this project worked with landowners to establish perennial vegetation sites designed for teaching, held demonstration field days, organized and created a community of practice working group, published an on-line native seed mix calculator, increased awareness among decision makers of the distinction between general and custom native seed mixes and assessed commercial availability of native species that are well adapted for prairie contour strips within row crop systems.

Principal Investigator(s)

Laura Jackson


Ashley Kittle

Year of Grant Completion