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The Leopold Center funding was used to explore the feasibility of and pilot a food hub node in Dubuque County, managed remotely by the Iowa Food Hub. Funds were used to connect the Iowa Food Hub with additional Dubuque area farmers, to secure cold storage in the area, to account for travel to and from Dubuque, and to evaluate and develop the local foods market in and around Dubuque.

Key Question

Are food hub nodes a viable means to expand the reach of food hubs in Iowa?


During this project, IFH purchased local foods from seven farmers in the area and began sales to five anchor buyers. This amounted to $8788 purchased from area farmers, and $14,396 sold into the county. This was an increase of $2,028 in sales and approximately the same level of purchasing from area farmers, compared to the previous year With the necessary personnel support, food hub nodes can be a viable means to expand the reach of existing food hubs. Using the food handling systems, producer networks, infrastructure and management and sales expertise of an existing hub, localities can increase access to local foods without intensive capital investment.

Principal Investigator(s)

Georgia Windhorst

Year of Grant Completion