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Although properly managed grazing can increase farm income and enhance environmental quality, it has not been widely used in the Upper Midwest. Instead, grazing has been viewed as an adjunct to row crop production, and state-of-the-art management techniques have been adopted slowly. However, recent research has developed forage grazing systems that can compete economically with row crops, especially on more erodible land. In order to implement such systems successfully, producers need practical information on the technical aspects of grazing and pasture management. Most grazing videos produced prior to this project were tailored to other geographic regions or weren't sufficiently detailed. The five videotapes produced in this project cover controlled grazing, principles for managing pasture plants, animal management, fencing and water systems, and year-round systems for the Upper Midwest.

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James R. Russell


Daniel G. Morrical, Stephen K. Barnhart, Kenneth Moore, Ann M. Cowen, Robert Dayton

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