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Field corn, genetically engineered to produce a protein derived from Bacillus thuringiensis, was evaluated for its effects on larvae of black cutworm, stalk borer, armyworm, and corn earworm. No Btcorn effects were observed on larval survival, pupal weight, or days to adult emergence for black cutworm or stalk borer. Armyworms reared on Bt leaf extract were lighter-weight, delayed in development, and showed diminished survival rates. Corn earworm showed reduced survival and delays in development. In field tests of Bt and non-Bt corn, there were no differences between the two varieties in damage from black cutworm. Stalk borer caused less leaf damage to Bt corn. Armyworm and corn earworm did less harm to Bt corn leaves than to non-Bt corn leaves, but corn earworm survived to cause some damage to Bt corn ears.

Principal Investigator(s)

Marlin Rice


John Obrycki, Leslie C. Lewis, Clinton Pilcher

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