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REFUGEES, GRAZING AND TREES may have nothing in common, except that Leopold Center grants have had tremendous impacts in these areas. Read how a Leopold Center grant helped Global Greens launch an incubator farm for refugees, another grant funded new programs for graziers. The Leopold Center also was honored recently for its support of buffers and trees in Iowa. Director Mark Rasmussen explores the adage, “You are what you eat” and some of its unhappy consequences, while Distinguished Fellow Fred Kirschenmann steers us away from a “collision course.”

OTHER FEATURES: In a guest column by former Director Dennis Keeney, we learn what Aldo Leopold had to say about soil. Local pork is on the school menus in northeast Iowa, thanks to a lot of players supported by the Leopold Center. And a New York chef envisions what might end up on our plate in 30 years.

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Summer 2015


Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Iowa State University


Agriculture | Sustainability

Leopold Letter Summer 2015