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Competition is almost a norm that every young person experiences in the classroom, home, athletic activities inside and outside of school, and nonathletic, out-of-school activities. When I began, I knew to expect a great deal of research articles. What I did not expect was the lopsidedness of the research toward athletic competition as an in-school and out-of-school activity and classroom competition. Very little research is being conducted about competition in nonathletic, out-of-school activities such as the ¿-H and Scouting Programs. Therefore this bibliography will appear to have an athletic and school classroom bias. Readers should not think that there is nothing relevant in these athletic and classroom articles. This is not true. Many of the discussions and suggestions can be adapted to the A-H Program. Fortunately, I found a few relevant studies that specifically address the competition found in the 4-H Program. Further investigations are needed to adequately analyze the effect of competition on 4-H'ers.


This annotated bibliography is from competition in 4-H: A National USDA/ES Task Force Report (November 1, 1989): Appendix B.



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