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International Congress on National Bibliographies

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International Congress on National Bibliographies

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November 25–27, 1998


Copenhagen, Denmark


The IFLA Section on Cataloguing sponsored a study in 1991 that sought to develop a framework that would identify and clearly define the bibliographic entities of interest to users of bibliographic records, the attributes of those entities, and the types of relationships that may operate between entities. Through this study, the specific attributes and relationships were identified. As a result, the study results became the basis of a proposed basic level of functionality and data requirements for bibliographic records created by national bibliographic agencies. At the study's outset it was anticipated by its framers that the results would meet parallel objectives identified by the Conference of Directors of National Libraries. The final report was approved by the IFLA Standing Committee on Cataloguing in September 1997 and published by K.G. Saur in early 1998 as part of the UBCIM Publications - New Series, vol. 19. This paper reviews the findings of the study as they relate to proposed data requirements, while using several different potential material formats; selectively compares these requirements to current and emerging standards; and then discusses how these standards might facilitate international bibliographic control for national bibliographic agencies.

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