Archival Resources on the Web

Volume 43, No. 2 (October 2015): Hitting the Big Time: A Guide to Online Vaudeville Theater Resources

Volume 43, No. 1 (July 2015): Dime Novels Gone Digital

  • Dime Novels and Penny Dreadfuls
    Ten novels are available in their entirety, allowing modern audiences to enjoy the adventures of such alliterative heroes as Jesse James, Fred Fearnot, and Deadwood Dick, but a great deal of information on the dime novel phenonemon is also provided. The site also features an article explaining the background and historical context of dime novel, as well as a guided tour of the print processes, typical cover elements, and detailed information about Stanford's collection and other dime novel collections in the United States.
  • The Newberry Library: Dime Novels
    Includes a brief history of the dime novel and a description of its collections. Also provides an extensive list bibliographies and reference works.
  • Street and Smith's Preservation and Access Project
    Users can view the Street and Smith holding list (with links to cover images for the 1,922 novels in the list), a dime novel cover gallery, images of the Street and Smith Company, and an inventory of the Street and Smith Company.
  • American Women's Dime Novel Project
    This site features a cover gallery of nearly 200 novels focused on women with titles such as "A Coronet of Shame, Her Dark Inheritance" and "Wild Oats." There is also a list of primary materials and archives useful for the study of women in dime novels, cover images of hardcover editions, and lsits of authors and publishers, some with biographies
  • American Treasure Galley
    Twenty-three cover images of the dime novels in the physical exhibit provide a fasinating glimpse into what themes Americans looked to for enterainment in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
  • Northern Illinois University: Nickels and Dimes
    Contains materials form two major dime novel collections: those of Albert Johannsen and Edward T. LeBlanc. The writings can be browsed by author, series, genre, subject, date, and publisher.
  • Falvey Memorial Library at Villanova
    It includes story papers and international dime novels.

Volume 42, No. 4 (April 2015): Bluegrass Online: A Digital Excursion though Kentucky

Volume 42, No. 3 (January 2015): The Big Top Online: Circus Digital Resources

  • Milner Library, Illinois State University
    Contains an extensive collection of circus books that can be searched through the main library online catalog
  • Circus and Allied Arts Collection
    A website of digitized Kodachrome slides from the 1940s and 1950s. The site also contains additional black-and-white photographs that date back into the 1930s.
  • The John and Mabel Ringling Museum of Art
    It includes nearly 378 color slides, over 4,000 lithographic posters (the largest collection currenlty found online), and wardrobe design drawings.
  • Robert L. Parkinson Library and Research Center
    Contains over 6,000 records, including photographs, lithographs, and smaller advertising materials such as heralds and couriers. Also contains folder-level finding aids and over 3,000 book records.
  • American Antiquarian Society
    Focuses its collecting activity on pre-1876 materials, maintains an online catalog of over 500 records relating to both circuses and menageries, and is perhaps the single most important resource relating to pre-Civil War show. Does maintian a searchable online catalog which reference books, handbils, print ephemera, and manuscript materials.
  • Circus Historical Society
    Contains a "virtual library," which includes indexes to Bandwagon, the historical journal of the CHS, as well as other serial publications such as Circus Report and Circus Fan Fare. Also contains select digitized copies of historical publications such as The Billboard, route books, newspaper advertisements, and biographical information on numerous performers and other personalities.
  • Wisconsin Historical Society
    Contains over 200 photographs, numerours newspaper clippings, architectural and historic inventory records, and posters.
  • Charles W. Cushman
    The collection contains 179 color images from 1941 through 1945 of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus during many performances in Chicago, Illinois.
  • McCaddon Collection of the Barnum and Baily Circus, 1871–1901
    Consists of 85 cubic feet of papers of the Barnum and Baily Circus in the years leading up to its purchase by the Ringling Brothers in 1907. The collection includes scrapbooks, advertising materials, lithographs, correspondence, and photographs.
  • Circus Posters Collections
    Describes a collection of circus posters from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus as well as other miscellaneous circus shows.
  • P. T. Barnum Papers
    Includes correspondence, photographs, news clippings, and other memorabilia documenting the career of P. T. Barnum.
  • Parker and Watt Circus
    The collection contains general business records, employee and general correspondence, newspaper clippings, and photographs.