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Conference Proceeding


20th Design Automation Conference

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Minneapolis, MN


A methoid based on non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) curve, surface, and solid technology is presented for interactive grid generation of three-dimensional flow fields encountered in turbomachinery applications. The method allows construction of several types of mutli-block grids including H-grids for three dimensional grid generation. Automated two-dimensional block construction is facilitated via a traversal method that searches four-sided regions in the initial block structure. A NURBS surface is then constructed on each block by transfinite interpolation of the boundary curves themselves, and various point distribution options may be applied. Three-dimensional grid generation is an extension of the two-dimensional procedure. Tri-parametric hyperpatches (NURBS solids) are constructed from the two-dimensional block surfaces and grids may be generated via several point distribution functions. This method exploits existing geometric design data via Initial Graphics Exchanges Specifications (IGES) input of NURBS-based component geometry. It provides an efficient and robust method for complex grid generation to support a variety of analysis functions. Several example applications are presented to demonstrate the capabilities of the technique.


This is a conference proceeding from 20th Design Automation Conference 2 (1994): 435. Posted with permission.

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