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Interferometry XIV: Techniques and Analysis

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San Diego, CA


Capturing 3-D geometry and the perfectly aligned color texture simultaneously is crucial for diverse fields including entertainment, target recognition, and computer graphics. However, it is very challenging for a conventional technique because of a number of problems related to color. Previous researchers rely heavily on using two cameras: a black-and-white(B/W) camera to measure the geometry, and a color camera to capture the color texture. However, aligning the color image with the 3-D geometry point by point remains difficult. In this research, we propose a novel technique that uses a single-chip color camera to capture both geometry and color texture simultaneously. A projector projects B/W fringe patterns onto the object, and a color camera captures the raw fringe images with Bayer mosaic patterns. A phase-shifting algorithm is used for our system because of one of its merits: retrieving phase pixel-by-pixel. Therefore, the intensity variations between neighboring pixels do not significantly affect the measurement. Moreover, the same set of fringe images is also used to calculate the B/W texture image, which is further converted into a color image using a demosaicing algorithm. Therefore, the same set of fringe images are used to generate the 3-D geometry as well as the color texture image simultaneously. A hardware system was developed to verify the performance of the proposed technique. Experiments demonstrated that this technique can successfully measure both geometry and color texture of the color objects.


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