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1997 Annual Conference

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Proceedings of the ASEE Annual Conference

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1997 Annual Conference

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June 15-18, 1997


Milwaukee, WS


Students in today’s world grow up surrounded by electronic and electromechanical gadgetry and become adept at using such gadgetry at an early age without necessarily understanding the underlying science and technology. Garage door openers, TV remote controllers, microwave ovens, remote-control toys, and cellular phones are but a few such items in wide use today. As complex as these gadgets seem on the surface, much of the scientific and technological mystery behind their functionality can be explained in simple terms well within the grasp of the high school, or even middle school students. The primary purpose of this project is the development of science and technology instructional units aimed at a variety of students with the goal of giving these students an understanding of and appreciation for the basic scientific principles underlying the technological innovations that surround them. Students are introduced to science and technology in a gentle, non-threatening manner by developing a collection of hands-on laboratory experiences based upon simple systems constructed out of LEGOs and controlled by small microprocessors. These laboratory experiences are designed to lead students, literally by their hands-on experimentation, through the use of technology in support of many everyday activities.


This is a conference proceeding from Proceeding of ASEE Annual Conference (1997): 1. Posted with permission.

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