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1998 Annual Conference

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Proceedings of the ASEE Annual Conference

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1998 Annual Conference

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June 28 - July 1, 1998


Seattle, WA


Introduction Summer research internships were extended to twenty high school girls who had completed their junior year with the primary goal of increasing middle school girls' participation in science, engineering, and mathematics (SEM). The interns spent eight weeks during the summer of 1997 on the Iowa State University campus where they researched science and engineering topics, learned programming methods and developed SEM units for the Internet.

The summer research interns were directed by a team of four female undergraduate students who have demonstrated ability in computers, were trained in courseware development, and were majoring in SEM-related fields. A female graduate student in secondary education, and also a practicing middle school science teacher, worked as a consultant to the team to provide expertise in curricular content, educational delivery, and impact on the targeted middle school students. Another female graduate student in secondary education, specializing in assessment, worked to assess the program and to provide valuable “self discovery” information for the interns through Learning Styles Inventories and the Myers-Briggs Test. A secondary goal was the enhancement of the undergraduate and graduate women's own professional development.


This is a conference proceeding from Proceeding of ASEE Annual Conference (1998): 1. Posted with permission.

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