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2006 Annual Conference & Exposition

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Proceedings of the ASEE Annual Conference

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2006 Annual Conference & Exposition

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June 18-21, 2006


Chicago, IL


The Toying With TechnologySM program (TWT) has been offered to preservice elementary and secondary teachers for ten years. This program is designed to explain the principles behind many of the technological innovations in wide use today. This is accomplished through hands-on laboratory experiences. This includes, but is not limited to, experiences with programming, global positioning systems, and biomedical engineering. This program uses engineering as a basis to teach math, science, technology and problem solving concepts.

This paper will describe the twelve week experience of a home schooled group engaged in the TWT program. Home schooling is a growing trend in the United States and it is estimated that two million American children are home schooled each year with this number increasing by 15- 20% per year1. The students’ progress in this program was measured through specific reflection questions, as well as observations and reflections by the TWT facilitators and the cooperating home school representative and the parents of the home schooled students.


This is a conference proceeding from Proceedings of the ASEE Annual Conference (2006):1. Posted with permission.

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