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The 14th World Conference on Titanium (Ti 2019)

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The 14th World Conference on Titanium (Ti 2019)

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June 10-14, 2019


Nantes, France


Additively manufactured materials are gaining wide attention owing to the manufacturing benefits as it results in near net shape components. It is well known that the manufacturing processes affects the performance of the components via microstructural features and the mechanical properties. There is an urgent need to understand the processing-structure-property-performance relationship for the materials manufactures via such innovative techniques. Strategies are needed to quantify and modify the mechanical properties. This study assists to design and tailor the process parameters based on the final properties required. Current work predicts the yield strength of additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V with different post heat treatments. A thermal model predicted by ABAQUS is fed into an implementation of Langmuir equation that predicts the chemistry which is then used in a phenomenological equation predicting the yield strength. The model is confirmed via experiments showing less than 2% deviation from the predicated properties. A statistical model gives design allowables that have an uncertainty of less than 1 ksi.


This proceeding is published as Ales, Thomas, Iman Ghamarian, Brian Hayes, Brian Welk, Andrew Baker, Matthew Kenney, D. Gary Harlow, Hamish Fraser, Wenqi Li, and Peter Collins. "Predicting the tensile properties of additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V via electron beam deposition." MATEC Web of Conferences 321 (2020): 11083. DOI: 10.1051/matecconf/202032111083. Posted with permission.

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