Richard Alan Lesar, Iowa State University
Kenneth M. Bryden, Iowa State University


Current methods of materials development, relying mostly on experimental tests, are slow and expensive. It often takes over a decade and costs many millions of dollars to develop and certify new materials for critical applications. With evolving constraints being placed on the use of materials arising from concerns with energy and materials resource sustainability, new approaches for materials development is essential. Moreover, it is increasingly important for materials development to be integrated into overall product design and development, allowing for optimal use of materials as well as enhancing our ability to recycle and reuse. In this paper, we discuss a new program in which we link methodologies developed over the past few decades in computational materials science to a modern computational design platform (VE-Suite) to enable the multiscale design of materials. Development of such multiscale design platforms is essential for the successful implementation of integrated computational materials engineering (ICME), an emerging discipline within materials development. We will present the basic framework of our program and discuss progress to date.