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Aluminum and Magnesium for Automotive Applications

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Metal-metal fiber-reinforced composites with high ductility and high strength have previously been produced by deformation processing Cu and Ti binary alloys. Mg-X alloys (where X =Ti, Nb, and Fe) have also been deformation processed to produce high-strength, high-ductility composites which have stable microstructures when exposed to 400°C for 500 hours. In these experiments, metal-metal composites consisting of a matrix of Mg or Mg-12wt%Li-2wt%Nd were produced by infiltrating a 10-20% dense steel wool with the molten matrix alloy. The Mg/IOSW material did not roll well, even at 300°C. However, the Mg-12Li-2Nd/20SW had excellent ductility at room temperature and it was reduced 99.6% without annealing, producing a composite sheet with highly elongated, nano-scale steel filaments. These Mg-based composites were evaluated by mechanical testing, microscopy, and high-temperature annealing to determine the relation between processing, microstructure, and properties. It is believed that deformation processing can be used to successfully develop a Mg-based composite with low density, high strength, high ductility, high fracture toughness, and excellent thermal stability. Such a Mg-based composite would represent a truly unique method for producing commercially viable structural materials.


This chapter is published as Jensen, J. A., Alan M. Russell, T. W. Ellis, and L. Scott Chumbley. "Magnesium-based Metal-Metal Composites." In Aluminum and Magnesium for Automotive Applications. (Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the Structural Materials Division (SMD) Non-Ferrous Metals Committee of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), J. Daniel Bryant and Dawn R. White, eds.) Warrendale, PA: The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 1996. Pages 173-187. Posted with permission.

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